The Suffering

The suffering race wasn’t even on my radar the morning before, but after finding out it was a qualifier for the UK champs next month and next year’s European and World championships I had to have a crack at it.
The race came in at 12.8miles and some really tough rigs and hard terrain as well as 1500ft elevation. Despite all this I somehow managed to get on the podium and finish 2nd out of some 300 people.

Onto the UK Champs!!

Spartan Beast: Barcelona

This was a brutal 24km race with nearly 6000ft elevation gain. Despite some major difficulties in getting to the race, and not being able to start in the elite heat, I still managed to get through the course in 3 hours 22 minutes. The terrain was extremely churned up and muddy and I got stung with 30 burpees at the rope – but it was a great warm up for the big one: OCR World Champs in Canada .