Gymbox hosts a variety of classes including London’s most dangerous class ‘Flatline:’

The classes I teach (frame fitness, escalate and OCR training) are designed to help you improve your strength and functional fitness, so you’re prepared whether you just want to move around in your everyday life better or compete in the world’s toughest obstacle course races.  Be warned, these classes aren’t your average tame studio class – I will push you to your limits, but I’ll also make sure you maintain your form, have a good time and come back stronger next week. Follow the hyperlinks to see more about each class and the class timetables – I teach Tuesday and Thursday evenings.

I also teach a more advanced class on Saturday mornings (10am at Farringdon). This class is longer, normally around an 1.15 hrs and will focus more on strength and technique than the timetabled classes. It’s also a much smaller group of people in attendance so I can really push each individual to challenge themselves and work on their specific weaknesses. You won’t find the description listed anywhere as this is a class entirely of my own making based on the training techniques I use myself to help me get in competition shape. If you want to come along and check it out, drop me a line to give me a heads up and bring along 10 of your finest British pounds – believe me it’s worth the money!