Happy Customers

“In a world where every other person seems to have an opinion on how you should be working out and what you should be eating, it can be really hard to work out who to listen to. The fact that George practices what he preaches means I really trust him and, as such, I feel so much more confident trying out what he suggests than i have with any other trainer I’ve met before.”

“Having grown up dancing, I’ve always had a reasonable level of cardio fitness but almost no strength. George has really helped to push me outside of my comfort zone and as a result my confidence has never been higher.”

“PT sessions with George are always different, you never know what you’re going to get up to. One thing you do always know is that the functional results will be fantastic!”

“George has really helped me realise that I am capable of so much more than I thought I was. Training with him is always the highlight of my week.”

“Classes with George are always great fun – even if by the end of it I’m ready to sleep for a week! He always makes sure that there’s a great atmosphere and scales appropriately so people don’t feel left out or intimidated.”

“Every time I train with George, he’s come up with a new exercise or a different way to use a standard piece of equipment. As a result, I’m never bored and I’m constantly challenged as he manages to find ways to engage muscles I didn’t even know existed.”